How To: Treat an Injury With R.I.C.E.

How To: Treat an Injury With R.I.C.E.
Ever heard of R.I.C.E.? It's one of the best methods to use when treating many different injuries. Learn what it means.

Rest: Stay off the affected area as long as possible. Whether it's a sprained ankle or a broken wrist, keep pressure or tension off of it and rest it.
Ice: It is essential to ice an injured joint or muscle to reduce the pain and swelling. Cold temperatures restrict the blood flow to the area reducing swelling. Be sure to use an ice wrap in 20 minute increments (20 minutes on the injury, and 20 minutes off) for about an hour or until pain and swelling subside. 
Compression: Compression helps drive the cold deep into the swollen tissue while keeping the blood flow restricted and swelling reduced. Be sure to keep compression on the affected area as long as possible immediately after an injury. 
Elevation: This is often harder to achieve than one would think, but if possible hold the affected area elevated above the heart to help reduce the swelling. If it's a foot or ankle injury try sitting in a chair with the injured area propped on a chair back or stool.